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Lowongan Kerja SMA, Diploma PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja SMA, Diploma PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia - MyRobin

PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia, one of the branch offices of Daily Fresh Foods Group was established in 2003 mainly to process sweet corn food as well as exporting these sweet corn products to Malaysia and Dubai. Our plantations are located at Bogor and Bandung in the area of Jawa Barat farm which is able to resulted in 8,000 tonnes of Fresh Sweet Corn per year from the 1,000 hectare plantation.

In 2008, PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia established its factory and food processing plant in Indonesia. The plant is fully equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated technologies, machines and equipment, especially the superior frozen system for corn.

All products produced by PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia are HALAL Certified and also HACCP certified company with strict monitoring procedures on various aspects of food quality and safety standard, ensuring us to deliver superior quality products to consumers.

The frozen system is essentially important as all corns have to be frozen within hours for being harvested in order to capture the finest quality of colour, rich nutrition and natural taste. PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia has also developed the advanced technique of extracting the whole kernel that is “NON-CUT” from the corncob. The technique ensures the original freshness, sweetness, crunchiness and juicy taste of whole corn is retained.


Persyaratan :

  • Penempatan : Babakan Madang Sentul
  • Wanita
  • Usia max 28th
  • Pendidikan SMA, Diploma
  • Jujur
  • Bisa bekerja dibawah tekanan
  • Pekerja keras
  • Diutamakan pernah bekerja di pabrik makanan
  • Diutamakan tempat tinggal di sekitar Sentul

Komplek Rukan Graha Mas Fatmawati Blok. A No. 8,
Cipete Utara, Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan,
DKI Jakarta 12150
Ph : +62-811 929 7530
Fax/ Ph : +62-720 3035

Lowongan Kerja SMA, Diploma PT. Daily Fresh Indonesia - MyRobin
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