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Have access to our 2.000.000 ready-to-work,
contract and part-time, experienced workers.


Reach millions of SMA, SMK, vocationally trained job-seekers across Indonesia.
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Manage all workers in one place, from attendance tracking, payments,
to management reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Of course it’s safe. We at MyRobin prioritize the security of your privacy. The data we receive is stored directly in the encrypted MyRobin cloud server.

We allow the workforce needs for your business with prospective workers who match your needs with verified candidate documents.

We will simplify workforce fulfillment starting from Screening, Interviewing, Onboarding, Management Reporting, as well as Disbursement of Salaries and Submission of Health Insurance for workers.

Please contact us via email and the MyRobin team will contact you again for further communication.

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