Lowongan Kerja Presale Consultant

Lowongan Kerja Presales Consultant


ACCURATE adalah Software atau aplikasi berbasis Akuntansi produk buatan Indonesia. ACCURATE bisa digunakan untuk berbagai jenis perusahaan seperti juak beli, Jasa, supplier, kontraktor dan manufaktur di seluruh Indonesia dari tahun 1998 hingga saat ini. ACCURATEjuga sudah mengikuti PSAK perpajakan di Indonesia.


Lowongan Kerja Presale Consultant di Accurate.id


  1. Bachelor’s degree preferably in IT
  2. Level of experience: minimum 3 years’ experience in a SaaS company
  3. 2 years experience in pre-sales technical role
  4. Strong communication skills, interpersonal and presentations skills
  5. Creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation
  6. Self-motivated, independent, and able to understand complex systems
  7. Able to communicate effectively with technical, non-technical and business audiences
  8. Able to work well under pressure, ability to work in a team environment
  9. Able to combine technical & commercial considerations into the decision making process
  10. Able to quickly understand client facing complex problems and advise effective solutions


  1. Provide insight and best practice information on technical matters of product and solution including: product and solution specifications, product and solution capabilities, comparative advantage of the product and solution. The alignment/interchange ability of the product and solution. Integration of the product and solution.
  2. Provide technical advice and recommendations to support the development of technical proposal.
  3. Recommend the strategy of the technical presentation and pre-sales.
  4. Support technical presentation
  5. Provide and find the answers to the prospective client’s question on technical aspects of the products and services.
  6. Suggest the comparative advantages of ACCURATE Products and solutions

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