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Workshop Python

Halo kabar gembira buat kamu yang ingin belajar data analitik menggunakan python.

Bekerjasama dengan memberikan diskon 50% untuk workshop 1 hari. Ayo buruan daftar !

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Introduction to DC 1001: Introduction of Python for Data Analytics

In our society nowadays, we have seen how companies in industries such as finance and marketing are constantly demanding people with data background. 

Data Bay Academy focuses on educating people who have zero coding background on the applications  and importance of coding in our current society. 

Hence, the course created by our company will heavily emphasize in ensuring that our students are taught skills that are relevant in the working environment and preparing for their future careers. 
Join our experts in a one day workshop, where they will talk about the importance of Data Analytics and the relevance of Phyton for you! 
Anyone with no prior programming background are welcome to join!

“Unlike many generic online or classroom-based coding courses, Data Bay Academy’s courses truly caters to students’ needs. If you’re looking to develop some coding skills in a fun and comfortable environment, look no further!” – Jason,UBS Wealth Management Intern

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