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MyRobin 2023 Recap

Welcome to MyRobin’s 2023 Recap! This page is dedicated to showcasing the significant impact we’ve made this year in connecting businesses with pre-screened, on-demand, and flexible blue-collar workers.


Key Highlights

Business Served

  • Empowering 60+ businesses across diverse industries with on-demand workforce solutions.
  • Connecting 144% more businesses to their perfect workforce in 2023 compared to 2022.

Growth & Expansion

A look at MyRobin’s success in connecting businesses with on-demand workers through its growing Mitra network.

MyRobin is thrilled to announce a 28,31 % increase in Mitra distribution across cities and regions from 2022 to 2023! This means [number] more businesses in diverse locations can now access our on-demand workforce solutions and experience the benefits of a flexible staffing model.

tes2 | MyRobin
tes2 | MyRobin

New Features & Technology

MyRobin is proud to announce a significant year of innovation, introducing cutting-edge features and technologies that redefine the on-demand workforce experience. Our dedication to constant improvement has resulted in advancements that benefit both businesses and workers, streamlining workflows, enhancing matching accuracy, and empowering everyone to achieve their goals.

Workers Connected

Successfully connecting X number of workers with fulfilling opportunities.


Community Building

Our community initiatives:

  • Networking events: We host regular forums, workshops, and social gatherings to foster connections and collaboration.
  • Knowledge-sharing platform: Our online forum and resource center provide a space for members to share insights, tips, and best practices.
  • Recognition programs: We celebrate accomplishments and highlight valuable contributions through awards and recognition initiatives.

The Robiners Behind MyRobin's Growth

Growing in 3 big cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, and Jogja) plus our remote team across Indonesia, MyRobin’s talented team grew by 24% in 2023, fueled by the passion and dedication of our Robiners.
We designated a dedicated Key Account Management team with 16 skilled professionals joining the ranks.
As we expand, we remain dedicated to developing a thriving environment where Robiners can flourish and contribute to MyRobin’s success.


Success Stories


Karami Balfas
Manpower needs at Lion Parcel and LILO often occur dynamically, but so far, MyRobin has been able to keep up with our rhythm in fulfilling those needs. There have been numerous instances where MyRobin has improvised the end-to-end management of manpower effectively.
Karami Balfas
People Service Lead
Lion Parcel
Cantik Mustika Praditha - eFishery People Acquisition & Engagement Manager
The team from MyRobin is very deft in supporting the fulfillment of dynamic and continuously growing manpower needs at eFishery. MyRobin provides significant assistance in the business expansion process of eFishery. Thank you so much for your assistance, MyRobin!
Cantik Mustika Praditha
People Acquisition & Engagement Manager
Hadafi Farisa Ramadlon - People Partner Ops Lead of Shipper ID
MyRobin has contributed to improving efficiency in the recruitment and management processes of Shipper's employees every month. The provided features, such as recruitment and payroll, have positively impacted the company. Additionally, candidates sourced by MyRobin also demonstrate good quality, attributed to our trust in MyRobin's extensive reach.
Hadafi Farisa Ramadlon
People Partner Ops Lead


Novia Nurul Hasanah
MyRobin's company culture is delightful. Not only focused on working, but MyRobin also cares a lot about its workers and built a robust online-based community. They also have valuable benefits such as insurance, professional training, early wage access, etc.
Novia Nurul Hasanah
Admin Tracer
Shopee Xpress Probolinggo Hub
Ja’far Shodiq
Since working as part of MyRobin, I have gained much more confidence because I can upgrade my skills and competencies through MyRobin's training program. There are also many beneficial perks of being part of MyRobin. One of my favorites is that we can request the company to transfer our salary early through the EWA feature.
Ja’far Shodiq
Field Business Development Officer
Aji Luxmana Putra
It was hard to get a job during the Covid-19 outbreak. But thankfully, I got accepted into MyRobin, and now I have a secure job to support my family's needs. I am also very grateful that MyRobin has an early wage access system to help workers in need. I am delighted to be part of the MyRobin community as well; it enhances my network. Besides, I gained experience and learned many things during my period becoming the Mitra of MyRobin, which I believe can be very useful for me.
Aji Luxmana Putra
Shopee Xpress

Data & Insights


Total Active Mitras


Total Mitras during 2023


Community Members


User on App

In 2023, MyRobin’s ecosystem blossomed into a thriving hub of connection, opportunity, and growth. Here’s a glimpse into the remarkable numbers that define our collective impact:

A Dedicated Workforce:

  • 38,000 active Mitras diligently powered businesses across diverse industries, showcasing their skills and dedication to every task.
  • Over 280,000 Mitras joined the platform throughout 2023, seeking opportunities, building their networks, and contributing to a resilient workforce.

A Flourishing Community:

  • Over 3,000,000 community members embraced the platform, fostering a vibrant space for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and support.
  • 280,000+ users embraced the app, seamlessly connecting with opportunities and engaging with the community at their fingertips.

These figures paint a compelling portrait of MyRobin’s expanding reach and the collective dedication of our members. Together, we’re transforming the way businesses access talent and empowering individuals to take charge of their career paths. As we look ahead, we’re committed to nurturing this dynamic ecosystem and unlocking even greater potential for all.

A MyRobin Growth Story: Unpacking Trends in 2023

The dynamic trends shaping MyRobin’s landscape in 2023, showcasing both industry demand shifts and evolving client partnerships.

Demand Comparison by Industries

Numbers of Business based on Company Size

Demand by Industry: A Shifting Landscape

Our vertical chart paints a fascinating picture of how industry demand evolved in 2023 compared to 2022. While Retail & FMCG remains the dominant force, capturing 34% of demand (down slightly from 36% in 2022), other sectors are making their mark.

  • Warehouse & Logistics continues to be a powerhouse, holding steady at 29%, highlighting the enduring need for skilled workers in e-commerce and supply chain sectors.
  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sees a marginal increase from 8% to 9%, indicating growing demand for specialized talent in this crucial sector.
  • Newcomers on the Rise: Both Construction & Building and Telecommunication enter the scene in 2023, capturing 2% of demand each, signalling potential growth opportunities in these previously untapped sectors.

Client Partners: Expanding Reach and Diversification

Another exciting trend lies in the evolution of our client base. While companies with less than 200 employees continue to represent the largest group (51% in 2023), we see a significant surge in partnerships with larger firms:

  • 1000+ employee companies: The combined share of clients with 1001-2000 and 5001-10000 employees jumps from 16% in 2022 to 17% in 2023.
  • More than 10000 employees: This category experiences a remarkable increase from 4% in 2022 to 14% in 2023, demonstrating MyRobin’s growing appeal to even the largest corporations.

These insights reveal a thriving MyRobin ecosystem, adapting to dynamic industry demands and fostering diverse partnerships across all company sizes. We are excited to continue connecting businesses with exceptional talent and empowering individuals to find fulfilling work opportunities in 2024 and beyond.

Building a Resilient Ecosystem: MyRobin's Workforce Continues to Grow

This graph paints a dynamic picture of MyRobin’s workforce growth throughout 2023, revealing a journey marked by consistent progress and exciting surges.

The Year in Review:

  • Solid Foundation: The year began with a strong footing, with Mitra numbers hovering around 6-7% in the first quarter.
  • Spring Upward: From April onwards, a steady climb commenced, reaching a peak of 9.33% in August. This sustained momentum reflects the platform’s growing appeal and ability to attract talent across diverse industries.
  • Seasonal Fluctuations: The latter half of the year saw a natural ebb and flow, with a slight dip in July and November followed by rebounds in October and December. These fluctuations are common and do not detract from the overall positive trend.

Key Takeaways

Consistent Growth

MyRobin's workforce consistently expanded throughout the year, showcasing the platform's increasing reach and value proposition.

Peak Potential

The impressive August surge highlights the platform's ability to attract talent in response to specific market needs and opportunities.

Resilient Ecosystem

The seasonal fluctuations demonstrate the adaptability and strength of MyRobin's ecosystem, remaining stable even during slight dips.

Monthly Attrition Rate

This vertical bar chart paints a picture of worker turnover at MyRobin throughout 2023, from January to November. Each bar represents the percentage of workers who left the platform or ceased engagement within that month.

Here’s what we see:

  • A roller coaster ride: The data reveals a fluctuating attrition rate, with peaks in January (23.93%) and November (22.51%), and dips in August (10.34%) and July (12.96%).
  • Seasonality whispers: Higher rates in January and November might hint at seasonal job fluctuations or post-holiday departures.
  • A glimmer of stability: From April to August, we see a gradual decline and relative stability in attrition, suggesting potential improvements in retention strategies.

This is just the first chapter in the story: Further analysis is crucial to understand the “why” behind these fluctuations. By diving deeper, we can build targeted initiatives to attract and retain top talent, making MyRobin an even more fulfilling platform for everyone.


tes2 | MyRobin
map location

Our Partners are located in 350+ Cities across Indonesia in 2023

Geographic Reach:

  • MyRobin’s workforce stretches across Indonesia, with Mitras hailing from over 350 cities and regencies.
  • Central Jakarta leads the pack, closely followed by major cities like Surabaya and Bandung. These figures showcase MyRobin’s strong penetration in key population centers and growing presence in secondary cities.
  • This geographic diversity ensures businesses can access talent wherever they need it, while offering Mitras opportunities closer to home.

Gender Breakdown:

  • MyRobin’s workforce is primarily male-dominated, reflecting broader societal trends. However, we witnessed a positive shift in female representation in 2023, increasing from 4.95% to 5.41%. We’re committed to further promoting inclusivity and attracting even more female talent.

Age Breakdown:

  • The age distribution reveals a young and dynamic workforce, with over 54% of Mitras between 20 and 29 years old. This youthful energy brings fresh perspectives and agility to the platform.
  • A smaller, but significant, share falls within the 30-39 age group, offering experience and stability. MyRobin caters to a diverse range of skills and career stages, ensuring businesses find the perfect fit for their needs.
tes2 | MyRobin
tes2 | MyRobin


  • While a significant portion of Mitras (61.18%) haven’t specified their educational background, the data reveals a strong presence of individuals with high school diplomas (30.44%). This reflects the platform’s accessibility for individuals with diverse educational qualifications and a commitment to providing opportunities for all skill levels.


2023 Impacts

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Over 4,540 MyRobin Mitras benefit from the safety net of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, ensuring protection for work-related injuries and unemployment.

Empowering over 311,000 unique Mitras , we create a ripple effect of positive change within families, communities, and the entire ecosystem.

200+ accident cases being fully covered and handled properly

200K+ People getting access to fair employment with MyRobin

Almost IDR 300 Billion total wages distributed

600+ of Mitra enjoyed the benefits from Early Wage Access & MyWarung

40+ capacity building programs held to upskill our mitra

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Looking Ahead

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